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Aerial Photography

AMSI Andrews Marine Surveys & Inspections Ltd
AMSI Andrews Marine Surveys & Inspections Ltd
AMSI Andrews Marine Surveys & Inspections Ltd
Rooftop inspections for damage or preventative maintenance without roof access permits or expensive scaffolding, ideal for large utility buildings or building maintenance contracts, short report turnaround times.

Search & Rescue.

Businesses can demonstrate their commitment to reducing risk by continuous improvement and embedding innovative technology like drones for inspection into their planning.

The Benefits of Using a Drone

Drones provide several key benefits:
Improved safety.  Sending a drone into a confined space instead of a person means a reduction in the exposure to risk for plant personnel. ROI. Drones can help companies dramatically reduce inspection costs by removing the need for building costly scaffolding and reducing turnaround times, often by several days.

Increased frequency of inspections. With cost reductions come the possibility for an increased frequency of inspections, which can help extend the life of expensive plant assets. Increasing the frequency of inspections can also be good for the environment by trending data and determining where efficiencies can be improved.

AMSI Andrews Marine Surveys & Inspections Ltd

The drone used is a Parrot Anafi which also has a thermal camera that greatly expands its usefulness in data captured.

As well as the visual record, the thermal image can be used for a variety of requirements covering thermal leakage from lack of insulation (reducing heating costs), solar panel performance (loss in power efficiency), fluid leakage, condition monitoring of plant such as fans and motors for H.V.A.C. and monitoring electrical installations for hot spots or mechanical systems that need to be kept below a fuel flash point temperature.

Drones are still an emerging technology and they have received a lot of bad press, however with a qualified, insured pilot that has a high level of experience in engineering from a marine and power generation background, this new technology can be a benefit to your business by removing the costs of the traditional inspection methods and cutting the time to receive the report.

To help you estimate the cost of an aerial survey, we have designed a simple costing form, which we would be pleased to send to you. Please provide your details here:

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